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When we first started our blog a few years ago, blogging was a new concept for me. The idea of keeping an online journal that everyone could read was a bit overwhelming. Our initial blog posts were educational and a bit “textbook-ish”. And then…I just stopped writing. While I do feel that the information we were providing was very important, it was not in the format that I wanted it to be. I felt that it would be appealing to most people if our blog was more like a conversation and I felt like I was lecturing more than I was educating. We are here to educate! We are here to help you understand your pets a little better and to help build the bonds between family members. So…with this renewed interest in our blog, we are going to revamp our style. Our Pet Parents and our patients will be our muse. The topics that we will cover each week will be based on the most common conversations that I am having at the time, or questions that have been asked in the clinic that I feel are a good thing to cover. This means that if a topic is covered in our blog and it sounds eerily familiar to a conversation that we had together in our office, chances are we are not the only ones having that discussion. This will help spread the word about current events, concerns, and illnesses. So…stay tuned!

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