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Choosing A Pet

We hear from a lot of of clients that they find it tough to choose the right pet for their family. After all – there are so many pets that need a homes, how do you differentiate the right pet from the thousands available in Kansas City alone?

When choosing a pet, there are many things to consider. Begin narrowing down the pet you will choose by asking your family the following questions:

  • Do you want a dog or a cat? Male or female?
  • Are you allergic to certain kinds of pets?
  • Would you prefer if she or he had long hair or short hair?
  • If you want a dog, do you want a large dog or a small dog?
  • Do you have children? If so, how do they feel about pets, and do you trust them to be around pets responsibly (feeding, if that is his/her responsibility) and safety-wise (pulling tails)?
  • Do you live in an apartment? How do you plan to take care of the animal’s bathroom needs – walk outside 5x per day, courtyard, pee pads, dog walker, etc?
  • Do you work long hours? How long would you expect an animal to hold its bladder, and are there any alternatives available (roommates letting the dog out, etc.)? Set those expectations!)
  • Do you already have other pets? Who is the Alpha?
  • Will you get your pet from a shelter, breeder or pet store?
  • How active are you? Do you want a pet with higher or lower energy?
  • Do you want a young animal or an adult? Trained or blank slate?

These, and many others, are all very important questions to consider when you are getting ready to choose the right pet for your family. Please feel free to call us if you have particular questions or would like some advice when choosing a pet. Remember, pets are fur-ever!

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