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Wendy is SouthPaw Animal Clinic’s caring and compassionate Pet Nurse. She has worked with Dr. Chmelicek since 2007 and enjoys working closely with animals.

When You’ll Meet Wendy

When you call SouthPaw Animal Clinic, Wendy will answer your questions, set your appointments, take orders for food or prescription refills, and connect you with Dr. Chmelicek when needed. When you visit us at SouthPaw Animal Clinic, Wendy will be there to assist you and your pet throughout your visit. When your pet stays with us during the day, Wendy will make sure to spend some time snuggling with your pet so that they feel more like they are at home. Wendy is very knowledgeable and welcomes your questions. She is a crucial part of the SouthPaw Animal Clinic pet health care team.

Remington Getting Kisses After Surgery

Working With Animals – Not just ‘A Part of the Job’

Wendy’s love for animals extends into her home life, where she shares her zoo-like home with her fur-babies Arlene Esther (Lab Mix), Isabella Marie (Maltese-Poodle Mix), and Ernestine Olivia (Jack Russell Terrier-Dachshund Mix) and a gigantic one-eyed cat (affectionately known by many aliases including Charles and Kitty Meow).

Wendy enjoys learning new things and watching documentaries.  She loves the Beatles, Little House on the Prairie, and is a hard core Whovian (Not sure what that is? She will be glad to enlighten you!)  Wendy is also full of wit and humor and will eagerly share it with you in the form of entertaining stories of her real life experiences.

Wendy works along side Dr. Chmelicek everyday to provide nurturing and loving care for your furry family members.

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