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Toxins and Poisons


Due to their small size and unique way of metabolizing certain chemicals, dogs and cats can be particularly sensitive to many common household items.  There are many toxins and poisons found commonly around the house that can make dogs and cats very sick or even cause their death. Many people are shocked to learn that things that do not harm people at all can be so dangerous or even deadly to a dog or cat.  Even when eaten in very small amounts, certain foods, plants, or medications can be life threatening for our beloved pets.  In an effort to keep our furry friends safe, we have compiled a list of some of the most common toxins that your pet should avoid being exposed to.

This is a list of things to help your pet avoid:

If your pet comes into contact with or eats any of the listed toxins or poisons, please call SouthPaw immediately.

Rapid treatment could save your pet’s life.

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