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At SouthPaw Animal Clinic, we use natural treatments (pheromones, vitamins, nutraceuticals), systemic pharmaceuticals (medications), topicals (shampoos, sprays, ointments, medicated wipes) and nutrition  (prescription diets, treats) to address a wide variety of illnesses and disorders.

We maintain our most commonly used products in our in-house veterinary pharmacy. This is so that treatment can begin immediately for our patients and so that we may provide a convenient source for reliable product for our clients.

Our veterinary pharmacy is stocked with a limited supply of medication and we re-order products on an as-needed basis. This ensures that our patients receive products that are top quality with the longest expiration dates possible.

Our products are not stored, in bulk, in warehouses. Our distributors are reputable and ensure that all of their products are kept in the appropriate temperature conditions.

Our products are not only backed by the manufacturer, but also the distributor and us, your veterinarian. This is a guarantee that you can only get when you purchase product through your veterinary clinic pharmacy, as veterinary manufacturers will not guarantee product not purchased through your veterinarian due to questionable practices by some online pharmacies.

** Warning **

Not all online pharmacies are reputable!  Some online pharmacies use dishonest means to provide low cost product.  Please be careful when you purchase medications for your pets.  You could end up buying something that hurts your pet rather than helping them.  Giving the wrong medication or dose could be harmful or even fatal to your pet!

Please Keep In Mind

There have been reports of online pharmacies:

  • obtaining expired medications to distribute at discounted rates
  • repackaging inaccurate, or fake, products in name brand packaging
  • obtaining medications of inferior quality from foreign countries
  • storing medications in inappropriate conditions for extended periods of time
  • obtaining medications in illegal channels
  • approving medications without a prescription and the proper pet-client-veterinarian relationship that is REQUIRED to dispense medications
  • filling prescriptions without a licensed pharmacist or veterinarian on staff and available to answer questions
  • altering prescription information, dosing instructions, quantity or product without consulting the prescribing veterinarian
  • using an “unsecured” website that does not protect your personal information
  • dispensing medications that are too strong or too weak
  • distributing product made of sugar, chalk or flour packaged to look like the original product

If you still desire to fill your prescriptions elsewhere, a written prescription can be provided for you.

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