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Brushing, Baths and Grooming

All animals need some sort of grooming care.  Short haired dogs and cats may need no more than a nail trim once a month and an occasional bath.  Long haired dogs and cats may need a monthly trip to the groomer.  There are many different styles of combs and brushes and many different shampoos available.  It is best to not use human shampoos or essential oils on your pet because their skin pH is different than ours and it can cause irritation and drying.

If you are going to attempt grooming care at home, be careful to not cut your pet’s skin or cut your pet’s nails too short.  This can set you and your pet up for a very unpleasant experience and could potentially require veterinary care to repair damage done to your pet.  We encourage you to make any grooming experience as pleasant as possible to not stress or frighten your pet.  A stressed or frightened pet is less cooperative and will be more likely to harm you or itself.

Although many people are able to do basic grooming at home, if you would like professional help with nail trims or grooming, please call SouthPaw Animal Clinic to set up an appointment.

Dental Cleanings

All dogs and cats need dental care just as humans do.  And just like humans, teeth that are never brushed get pretty dirty.  At SouthPaw Animal Clinic, we have many solutions for the daily care of your pet’s teeth.  This includes pet toothpaste, dental chews, and dental diets.

*WARNING: Never use human toothpaste on your dogs or cats. Our toothpaste is toxic to pets!

Dental cleanings are often needed yearly, however some animals need them more often and others can go a little longer between cleanings. We offer dental cleanings that are performed under a short acting sedative. This way, your pet receives a thorough cleaning but is not under anesthesia any longer than is necessary.

During the dental cleaning, your pet’s mouth is thoroughly examined to look for signs of oral disease, the teeth are scaled to get them cleaned, the teeth are polished to smooth the enamel, a fluoride treatment is applied to strengthen the tooth, and then a dental sealant is applied to help keep your pet’s teeth clean for a few days after the dental cleaning. We also trim your pet’s nails to a healthy length while they are sedated.

If your pet’s breath is stinky, they could benefit from a dental cleaning.  Please call SouthPaw Animal Clinic to schedule your dental cleaning today!

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